A determined, woman-led company sought to establish a strong brand with a mission to save lives and challenge misconceptions around the healing power of clinical nutrition.

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Selling to health systems is no easy feat. Advocating to change decades-old processes in a hospital setting is even tougher. But these women set out to do just that, backed by a compelling combination of evidenced-based medicine and firsthand health IT experience. We collaborated with the founder to perfect their message and create an upbeat brand to match the spirit of their mission.

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Roland Foods

Roland Foods

An 84-year-old food importing company rediscovers its original voice while changing with the times.

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Roland Foods began with a powerful story of a man who fled Nazi Germany to America and built a company on a hunch about the desirability of dried French mushrooms. After years of dedication, good taste and natural relationship-building, the company grew from a husband-and-wife team sitting in a tiny New York office, to an internationally acclaimed standard in quality commercial ingredients.

Sifting through decades of photos, documents and label artwork, I discovered over 170 iterations of their company logo. Their most recent versions lacked the warmth and vigor that was so evident in their story and colorful illustrated packaging. We resurrected the label artwork and hand drew a new logo from scratch influenced by handwriting and typographic styles of the 1930s.

As a result of our work together, the founder's son shared his gratitude for seeing his parents' legacy honored through the visuals and content on the website. The CEO remarked that I had "helped move the brand forward 20 years," which helped Roland Foods reposition their company from mere importers to strategic partners in food service and product development.

They were now armed with a new identity to use on a variety of marketing collateral and product packaging. I oversaw the design and development of their custom responsive WordPress website, marketing email templates, promotional gift boxes, onboarding documents, presentation templates, and enviable company swag. For continuity after my portion of work was completed, I met with their in-house design team to introduce the brand guidelines and provide the assets to facilitate their continued work on the brand.

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To kick off the brand rollout, I printed branded t-shirts, mugs and tote bags for staff and top customers.

I helped to reposition their company from mere importers to strategic partners in food service and product development. Original vintage label artwork served as an endearing visual backdrop, bridging the old with the new, emphasizing dedication to their craft and their loyalty to vendors.

I collaborated with various department heads, from marketing to sales and operations, to develop brand consistency and breathe new life into customer onboarding documents, brand guidelines and marketing collateral.

Lean Design for Startups

Lean Design for Startups

A startup for startups, Lean Design teaches entrepreneurs the importance of clarifying their message from day one and using their limited resources to their full potential.

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Lean Design for Startups is one of our Founder's favorite pet projects. After helping dozens of startups launch and iterate on their products, Kari saw how a lack of understanding about the creative process was costing entrepreneurs precious time and unnecessary heartache.

Kari developed the Lean Design™ brand and wrote, designed and organized the educational content from scratch. She is continually developing new materials to help entrepreneurs design their businesses and products to fit their lifestyle, personality and talents.

This growing collection of educational content is both an exercise in "eating your own dog food" as well as a service to ambitious tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Boiling down over a decade of branding and design expertise into bite-size exercises for the design-challenged has been an incredible experience that has strengthened Kari's love for the design process and its ability to serve people in practical and often life-changing ways.

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This rapidly growing health data integration company is on a mission to improve healthcare experiences by powering a lean, developer-friendly platform.

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When Redox first approached us to refine their visual identity, their team was only five strong. We supported their growth by operating as an extension of their team, providing strategic creative services ranging from illustration to product development. By year five, their total funding grew to $60 million and their staff count increased to 172 people.

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We amplified their desire for clean, minimalist design with bold patterns, friendly fonts and a dynamic color palette to express their upbeat culture and driven attitude.

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The Redox Podcast Launch

See the work we did for the Redox Podcast launch, including music selection, templated graphics and landing pages.