Redox Podcast Hero 3@2x

Creative Director, Visual Designer, Interaction Designer

Scope of Work
Logo Design, Website Design & Development, Web App Integration, Marketing Website Custom Post, Branded Asset Templates, Music Curation, Mini Design System

When Redox took to the airwaves to tackle tough questions in healthcare, I expanded their brand into audio experiences, with templates and integrations to streamline the broadcast.

Approach. In collaboration with Redox executives and their PR team, I oversaw the creation and launch of Redox's new podcast series about the challenges of modern healthcare, and technology's role in improving patient experiences.

Opportunity. Serving multiple roles, my work ranged from project management and creative direction, to creating both the workflow and assets needed to launch each new podcast episode. I brought in a full-stack engineer to integrate the podcast with various third party tools so it could be simultaneously broadcast across multiple platforms, and promoted easily from their marketing website.

Outcome. I built a mini Design System, including page templates, website components, and visual assets to allow their marketing team to generate the graphics, transcription highlights, landing pages and descriptions for each episode in minutes. Featuring high-profile guests like Jonathan Bush, and founder, Aaron Patzer, the newly branded podcast was an immediate success, attracting an initial audience of over 1,000 listeners and further establishing Redox as a thought leader in healthcare technology.

Portfolio Redox Podcast Page Templates 1100
Portfolio Redox Podcast User Flows Episode Workflow

To reduce the workload and number of assets needed to publish each podcast episode, I created a series of assets and templates. This made it a light lift to both create and promote the podcast.

Redox Podcast Sound Waves
Redox Podcast Feature Images

I selected music to use as a branded intro for the podcast. The track needed to strike the right tone to match the seriousness of the subject matter with their optimistic outlook.

Redox Podcast Banner Template
Portfolio Redox Podcast User Flows User Subscribe