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Ten Forward Consulting writes awesome custom software for medium and large companies. Their name pays homage to the lounge on Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, where the crew would come for sage advice and a drink. The advice was always simple, deep and candid. Similarly, Ten Forward Consulting’s personable approach to problem-solving makes them stand out from the crowd.

With approachability as their number one asset, a simple, recognizable logo was key. A keyboard key is something that anyone can recognize and relate to despite their level of tech prowess. This shape not only emphasizes the primary tool used by the company, but also carries with it a sense of familiarity for their frequently not-so-tech-savvy clients.The 1 and 0 are combined into one key instead of two separate keys, as if to say Ten Forward developers are so fast at typing up code, they’re able to do the work in half the time of other shops.

Seven months after their brand launch, Ten Forward added two new employees and continues to wow their growing list of local and national clientele.