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Quietyme developed technology to resolve noise complaints before they even happen.

This small tech company needed to present a friendly, professional image as they launched their first product. Their small device flashes red or yellow lights to alert occupants when they are getting too loud. Breaches are reported in real-time to management via a private software portal so they can step in before neighbors get involved.

The bold logo mark is the letter “Q” shaped by four walls of a room. Its shape is also similar to a chat icon, which highlights the connectivity the device offers to building management teams. Large areas of white space give a sense of quiet in contrast with the colorful gradients that mimic glowing lights, or light showing beneath a closed door for privacy and noise reduction. The friendly fonts and colorful cards create an approachable image for this high-tech device. Launched in April 2013, Quietyme continues to grow their team and expand their client list in industries ranging from healthcare to residential real estate.