Digital Alchemy: Brand Identity


Brand Identity for Real Estate Brokerage App

Objective. Develop a subsidiary brand identity for an established real estate software company

Background. Digital Alchemy is a white label financial product for real estate brokers and agents. It non-intrusively guides home owners and house hunters through each stage of the complex home financing process with in-depth information uncommonly found in tools for mass markets.

Timeline. 5 months

Approach. I worked with Digital Alchemy's leadership team to create a sleek, high-end visual identity, with matching collateral and marketing website for their real estate brokerage app.

Digital Alchemy Hero

I worked with the co-founders to develop a unique visual identity system anchored around the concept of transforming digital experiences into cashflow. With the concept of alchemy at its core, the use of gold as a primary brand color was a given.

Digital Alchemy Logotype
Digital Alchemy Logomark White
DigitalAlchemy Pitch Deck
Digital Alchemy Signage
Digital Alchemy Website App Duo
One Sheet Portfolio Digital Alchemy@2x