CloudMunch Website

CloudMunch Website

Responsive Website Design, Illustration, Copyediting

Project Type
Brand Expansion, Website, Illustration

CloudMunch is an ambitious team working to tame the complex world of DevOps with their unifying web app, integrations and template tools.

We worked together through multiple iterations of their marketing website and app platform. This included designing everything from their individual product icons to their multi-step onboarding process and illustrated product diagrams.

Onboarding screens—a 4-step sign-up process for their web app.

We developed illustrations and icons to introduce each new product on their site.

We created illustrations and icons to explain the CloudMunch Workspace, Dashboard and Hub.

We created a simple, illustrated tour to explain how CloudMunch supports the DevOps workflow.

The page template expanded to accommodate additional products as they were introduced.

To introduce new products, we developed an illustration style to match the CloudMunch brand.