Cloudmunch: Brand Extension to Product


Extend New Brand Identity into Product & Marketing Website

Objective. Flesh out product based on new logo design

Background. Having recently redesigned their logo and thematic elements surrounding their brand, CloudMunch needed help extending their brand identity and tone of voice into their product and website.

Timeline. 1 month, Completed in 2016

Approach. Because of the quick turnaround to meet their upcoming product release, I made subtle updates to their existing color palette, graphic style, and copywriting.

I expanded their brand across both their product design and their marketing website, and created custom branded illustrations and icons to match their desired cartoony style.

CloudMunch Marketing Website Header

CloudMunch provided their logo and two brand colors, and requested a “rippling wave” motif throughout their product. 
I fleshed out their style guide and created a cohesive look across their product, marketing website and presentations.

Cloudmunch Website Header
Cloudmunch App Hero@2x 2

I designed a series of product icons to work as both a minimalist UI element as well as a high-fidelity marketing illustration for dramatic effect.

Cloudmunch Illustrations

I reimagined their infographics to explain the components of their three primary products and illustrate the structure 
of their app templates. These were used in various collateral, including their marketing website.

CloudMunch_Product_Diagram4 1