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As artistic Portland-based wedding and portrait photographers, WeeNo has a creative, discerning and highly relational target market. They were great at making personal connections and reaching out through social media, but felt that their previous identity didn’t communicate their high level of quality and personalized service. In a highly competitive industry that centers around storytelling, they needed a more professional set of materials to help them tell their unique story.

To distance them from their original yellow and brown owl logo, their new logo was crafted from hand-rendered type that mimics the soft, blown-out style of their photography. The facing e’s represent their husband and wife photography team, and were repeated to make a custom pattern.

The logo and pattern have extraordinary versatility for a more tactile brand experience. They can showcase their brand in a variety of mediums—from embroidery to screenprinting, and wax seals to engravings.

Rebranding helped strengthen and solidify their image both online and off. They felt more confident, and expanded their service offerings and appeal to their artistic community. They have been featured on several wedding blogs and voted as “favorites” amongst hundreds of couples.

After rebranding with Kari, we feel more confident promoting our business. People are impressed and can tell we’re serious about quality. Ashley

Owner/Head Photographer, WeeNo Photography