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Photo by Andrew Schmidt

Click the image above to view the news segment about MCBW 2015. The guidebook design is featured at 1:04.

Kari drew a new version of the MCBW logo. The thicker lines, well-defined hands and altered composition made it easier to reproduce and scale on a number of substrates, including glasses, posters, and guidebooks.

64-page printed guidebook. Download the whole guidebook here.

Madison Craft Beer Week needed a simple, catchy description to market themselves. Because the events are spread out over time and across dozens of venues, it was especially important to make people feel like they were part of the much bigger craft beer week happening throughout the city.

When Kari originally met with the founders, she was struck by how many attendees and events were part of the craft beer week while still remaining largely invisible to Madison locals. Using numbers to quantify the main elements of the event seemed to capture the magnitude and variety of what MCBW was presenting the city. We came up with a simple message using stats (which their audience loves)—350 Events, 80 Venues, 100s of Beers, 10 Days. This was a line that could be repeated everywhere visually and in conversations. Over the course of preparing for the beer week, the number of events and venues continued to rise, a sign of growth and brand recognition.

After researching the craft beer scene, and sifting through debates on craft beer forums, we deduced that 12 distinct personality types seemed to make up the craft beer drinker population. We brought these 12 types to life with their own written descriptions and hand-drawn illustrations, and outlined how they were interconnected through an elaborate tree diagram, which was offered to attendees as a downloadable poster.

We worked to give each of the personality types a “funny, ‘cuz it’s true” vibe, without making people feel bad about their result from our online quiz. They could then Tweet or post their result to Facebook, spreading the word about MCBW.

A set of three collectible coasters were distributed individually to venues participating in the craft beer week. Craft beer lovers were encouraged to attend events all over the city throughout the 10-day celebration to collect all three.

Craft Beer Personality Tree Poster—an elaborate analysis for an analytical audience.

Craft Beer Personality Tree Poster and MCBW Promotional Event Poster

Bus ad photos courtesy of Madison Metro.

Responsive website design.


In 2010, a couple of craft beer lovers launched an annual, city-wide, 10-day series of events in Madison, WI that drew an estimated 70,000 Midwesterners. After five years of hugely successful turnouts, there was still little brand recognition of the beer week in the city of Madison itself.

We were hired to help MCBW celebrate their 5th Anniversary with a colorful new look that could be recognized across a broad spectrum of media. We created the theme for the beer week as well as the marketing language and visuals to tie everything together both online and off.

Participants could take the official MCBW craft beer-drinker personality quiz online, read about the personality types in their event guidebook, download an elaborate tree diagram outlining how the personalities connect, and collect a series of colorful illustrated beer-drinker personality coasters at various venues throughout the 10-day event. This interactive, highly-engaging theme gave participants something fun to talk about with old and new drinking buddies, and bring home amusing, functional memorabilia.


The re-designed site was a success. The guidebook was a big hit—I heard a lot of compliments about the book. The design was very successful this year—people liked the colors and graphics a lot, and the imagery was instantly identifiable in advertising. Overall, a big jump for us to being a bigger, regional event. We were very happy with Kari, her team and the quality of work.

Jeff Glazer

Co-Founder, Madison Craft Beer Week