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We’ve had people—who have never even heard our music—come up to us and buy our shirts just because they look cool. You are so easy to work with…we love the designs.


Lead Singer, Little Legend

Little Legend wanted their musical debut to be a solid representation of their brand and help them get signed to a record label.

Little Legend entered the vast, wide-open music scene with a strong, nostalgic Americana image to match their sound. Playing off the name “Little Legend,” we selected images reminiscent of stories from the American frontier. I then hand-colored and enhanced the images to fit their gritty, atmospheric country rock sound. These were incorporated with type that I hand stamped using an old electrician’s rubber stamp kit and then manipulated to add dramatic intrigue and an apparitional feel. The painted type combined with iconic symbols of the Old West completed the look. ​

After releasing this first EP, Little Legend was signed to a record label and received invitations to perform at multiple music festivals.