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Their simple website update fleshes out their brand using the provided colors and elegant images from their school. But the main improvements are in the functionality of the site…

A new online enrollment form meant they didn’t have to sort and record hundreds of paper enrollment forms mailed to them each season. In addition, the online enrollment form automatically sorts their students by age and class selection, giving them a visual overview of their student body at a glance to help them schedule classes.

We also started tracking their web traffic so they know which resources visiting parents want to see the most, and develop content accordingly.


KP School of Dance provides professional movement education for children ages 4-18 years, and does so with an incredible amount of warmth and care. With a small staff to manage the school and teach the 250+ students enrolled each season, they needed their message of professionalism and personal dedication to shine through in all of their materials. They also needed simple tech tools to help them transition into the world of digital communication without a lot of fuss.

Little by little, the school transitioned from a paper-dominated office to a more efficient, cost-effective and measurable online communication system. The addition of a simple online enrollment form, custom email addresses, e-newsletter templates and easy-to-edit website kept their costs down, and gave them a professional in-house communication system.

Throughout our time working together, they purchased a new building and added two new staff members.