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Southern Mantis Ring DVD Training Series—DVD amaray case covers

DVD Splash Screens

Book & DVD Training Series

The colors green, red and black correspond with the order the belts are earned for each level of skill mastery. The background of the book and DVD covers look progressively grungier, just as their white training belts do over time—a sign of experience and accomplishment.

Book Cover Closeup. Covers become progressively dirtier to display a dedicated practice.

Southern Praying Mantis Kunf Fu—Accompanying DVD Training Series

DVD Splash Screen


Hurricane Fist Marketplace is part of a growing martial arts and yoga studio based in Madison, WI. Their specialty is in Southern Praying Mantis, an ancient and rare form of kung fu. Since there are so few qualified instructors in the world, willing students have a difficult time learning this form of martial arts. To share their knowledge and spread the word about this unique practice, we helped them package their content into a series of printed manuals, DVDs and online videos.

With the successful launch of their first training series, Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu (shown below), they returned to us for the design of their second book and dvd training series, Southern Mantis Ring.