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At each doctor appointment, patient notes are manually entered by physicians and nurses into their system. Because these notes are written free-form, they aren’t standardized. As a result, valuable insights gleaned from observing the patient’s health as compared to a larger patient population are essentially “locked” inside mountains of data. FHG’s software “unlocks” these insights by standardizing the data and organizing it into interactive charts and graphs.

“Unlocked” data is standardized so it can be compared. Related health conditions can be viewed in context amongst various populations.

Once data has been organized, it’s displayed using venn diagrams. Health care practitioners can see individual health stats as compared to the larger population, providing context and insights into their individual patients’ health.


Forward Health Group works with clinics and hospitals to turn messy, non-standardized patient health data into a powerful visualization tool for health care practitioners. Lines of text transform into colorful interactive diagrams that provide doctors with an at-a-glance perspective of the health of their individual patients and overall population.

While they are experts at turning complexities into gloriously simplified data visualizations, explaining how their product did so hadn’t come so easily. Using typographic illustration, and their existing fonts and color scheme, we turned their highly-technical process into three simple steps that clearly communicate their process.