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This new food company was prepping to launch their first product into markets nation-wide. We introduced their flavor-infused cooking oils as the fun, flavorful alternative to other natural oils on the market. I developed custom type for a two-color logo and illustrated seal, along with a cohesive set of label designs and hang tags for two of their products.

Together with Shu Shu Design, we established an earthy color palette, and helped to name the flavors and develop the tagline. Their unique location in the Southwestern deserts became the focus of the packaging. The wide “A”s in “Acala” imitate the mountain peaks surrounding the cotton fields harvested for the oil, while arched crossbars mimic the rounded tops of the cotton blossoms. Illustrated mountains and rows of cotton are featured in the seal design.

After their soft launch in New Mexico in 2013, Acala Farms continues to exhibit their flavorful oils at food shows and festivals across the country, and in Canada as of 2014.